The best way to create a “Bookatable Application for Facebook”

Many restaurant owners now know that one of the best ways to get more visitors is to use an application on their Facebook page. This is a clever way to get both more guests and at the same time make it all easier for the customers. Making an app may seem complicated, but I assure you that it’s easier than you think! I’ll lead you through the process in a painful manner possible. The first thing you need to have is of course a Facebook page. By now I think most restaurants have gained a Facebook page. If not, I should say that one can create a Facebook page completely free and it does not take more than a couple of minutes to do it either! So if you are among those who have not yet made a page for your business, this is the right time to make your own Facebook page. Now to the main point, to create an application for your Facebook page. The easiest way is to use a so-called app generator! I would recommend one called Click Appy. They have developed a program that is very easy to use yet costs less than all other competitors! It all gets more fun in that there is already a template for restaurants to go to. With this app called “Bookatable application for Facebook” on your Facebook page gets both you and your customers satisfied in every way. There are already many in the restaurant business that uses a Bookatable application and therefore I think if you do not yet have it should use this opportunity to make a successful business.

How To Gain More Facebook Page Likes

Facebook marketing is the new trend on the Internet; even though there are so many different ways to promote your website/blog through social media, Facebook marketing still stands out. Fan pages are high in demand with businesses and for good reason, they are relatively easy to make and can be leveraged. As you can guess, this is a numbers games just like anywhere else on the net. Growing your fan pages “likes” is the goal in mind, and we will help sort a few things out for you.

What you will do with your Page at Facebook is expose your brand and products or services. In other words, it’s just about how you convey your message and then deliver an exceptional experience to the people that join your Page. Engage them whenever possible, but do not annoy them and just be natural and helpful. Hopefully you can see the futility with gaining Likes from just anyone without care if they are the right audience for you or not.

All the various forms and avenues for advertising and marketing can be brought into play here. It really almost does not matter how you want to approach this since so many people are aware of Facebook. Approach this almost like direct mail in that you want to break even as much as possible. There are so many ways to get the word to your niche market about your page. If your email list is in the same niche as your fan page, then that should be all you need to do. Then, do not be shy about including your Page link in your regular email signature.

If you want to go a step ahead of the others in promoting your Facebook Page and increasing your Likes, then use business cards to do so. Business cards can be made very inexpensively, and so you should test this method.

Using a service like “Vista Print” you can get up to 500 new cards printed for cheap. You may just be shocked when you see how differently some people respond to your business card. There is no reason to not get started right away. The only way your Facebook likes to your fan page will grow is through consistent effort.

To creat a Facebook app!

Knowing how to acquire a Facebook app is one thing, and then what kind of app that suits that purpose is another! Usually you have started to produce your Facebook app and maybe caught a lot before you discover that you have chosen the wrong kind of app and will have to start over! The fact that I myself have experienced this sort of mistake and had to learn to find the right kind of app generator is essential in order to succeed with what you are doing, I have now decided to tell you folks that are interested, how to do it the right way! If you have done this before, I am sure you have good knowledge of what sort of Facebook app or Facebook Contests to be made, but if you have not done this in the past, you have to be extra careful with the choice of the themes app-generators have to offer! This means that you should not have to go back and start everything from scratch! Now I must admit, that many of you will anyway commit mistakes until it will be right, but this need not to be the reason that you should have to pay a large sum of money to create a Facebook Contest! Therefore I thought that I could make a suggestion that makes this not only easy but almost free too! To create the best Facebook app at a price which in my opinion is negligible, you should visit ClickAppy! Here you will find one of the best Facebook app generators at a price of $ 2.99 per month! It sounds incredible right! But it’s true and you will notice it when you have visited their website, namely! Time to create your first Facebook app! Do it on! 😀


Figuring out how an app will best utilized.

I was reading some of the artickes published over at and found some intresting aspects. It is not always about the app it self. It has to utilized and merged with precision into your business strategy. The may focus over att app suggestions is social networking and how to interact with customer fan base and the likes. If you are into portable device apps this site is not that much for you. However if you are working with facebook applications head over and do the home work.

Looking for interviews

Appsinterviews has been somewhat dry on the interviews matter. We are trying to get things going again starting next week with an interview with Björn Persson a developer at Skandnet Media and has for a long time been working with Facebook applications . Since we haven’t been inte facebook apps of yet this is going to be exciting. What can you do with Facebook apps and how far can you take it.
We would love to get tips. If you know anyone that are working in the application development industri that are doing something fun or just simply is up for an interview let us know.

To tick or not to tick.

What will it be then? It’s still only speculations but we know for sure something will happen to the ticker. For those who don’t know the Facebook language the “ticker” is the feed on the very right on your Facebook page. And it not that very interesting. It is mostly about who is listening to what on Spotify that ends up in the ticker. So a redesign will be present in the new Facebook updates. What the redesign will look like we don’t know. Some say it will be a one story only ticker in the bottom right. Maybe you can shut it down entirely or choose wish one of your friends you will like to stalk.  We will have to see.

Facebook Facebook. It’s all about Facebook

It’s the big deal these days and it is Facebook facelift and updates that everyone is talking about.

This is the changes and what your Facebook page will look like.
A new structure on news feed, better imaging capabilities and the ability to get rid of business topics. It’s some of the news that Facebook announced on Thursday evening.

The headquarters in California featuring Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and several other big shots presented the new look and series of updates on Thursday. Most highlighted is the news feed, which creates a whole new look.

The new look of news flow is described as mobile inspired and will look the same whether you’re browsing in to Facebook on your computer, mobile phone or pad.
Facebook says the new look is “richer and easier” compared to how it looks today.

In addition the images will get more space. This includes photos from Instagram and other external suppliers.
– In the new design we set all media types on the front says design director Julie Zhou.

Another new feature is the ability to choose which feeds to show. Here the user can choose to only see updates about music or pictures.

Anyone who is tired of seeing friends’ updates mixed up with posts from companies will also be able to choose a “just friends” section.
Companies using Facebook however does not have to feel sab about the updates: Even the ads are bigger in the new design.

The changes started rolling out yesterday, and is expected to reach everyone in the coming weeks.

There have been some talk about the new layout being to techy and will scare off the non-techy Facebook users as in the end represent most of Facebooks user database. We will have to see.

Software vs Apps.

The transition from the scary software to easy to use apps has been quite natural. Looking at the app using a developers eyes there are no difference between an app and software. It is just the easy to use GUI that has developed into something that can be used on the go. There was a surge for a new name for easy to use small software and application. Apps was the new word that stuck. This is only a part of the explanation since there is still software out there. Computer programs that apps need to have in order to run is still software. I would not call my operative system an app or my web browser for that matter. Still Google are trying to make an all out app computer. I am thinking about the Chromebook. It have been received with mixed feeling but it seems it’s a lot about on what train you have chosen. The app-train or no-thanks-I-like-my-offline-software-train. On the app train we will find the people that is not that interested in computers and just want the easy as pie user interface. In the chromebook case the price to pay is obvious. The app-train hits a tunnel and then, without internet connection you got nothing. This is not the case on all app based platforms however you will always experience some sort of limitation with the easy to use apps platform. For good or worse. My choice is easy but I have lately developed an understanding for the app people. Not everyone like computers, nor do they care for usability and flexibility. Do this thank you and nothing else please. This is also a trend. A good one I feel. Build a program make it good and limit it. I don’t want all of my installed software to be able to play media files I am very happy with the one I have chosen to play my media files thank you very much. Then there is the software bundle hell but that’s another story.
Although I am a software guy this is a development I am looking at with interest and in the end I hope will meet us software people in the middle.